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Drug and Syringe


Being injured by a medical or other licensed professional can have significant financial, emotional, and physical impacts. You trusted this professional to provide the care and services promised and expected, but, instead, you were injured by that care or service. You may have a malpractice claim for these injuries. Medical and professional malpractice is a legal practice area that handles claims against medical providers, facilities, attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals for negligent or intentional acts.


Some examples that fall under medical malpractice include failure to diagnose, error in diagnosis, botched or unnecessary surgery, pharmaceutical inaccuracies, and other medical-related failures of a licensed medical professional or facility. Examples of other malpractice may include the failures and transgressions of attorneys, certified public accountants, and other licensed professionals.


The Townsend Law Firm has over 12 years of experience in handling small and large cases against professionals who have failed their patients and clients. Contact us if you suspect you have a claim against a licensed provider.


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